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they have jumped 20 cents over the last two weeks. and prices spiked 54 cents over 9 weeks. experts say the speed of the spike is starting to slow down and we could see them drop. locally according to aaa prices for a gallon of regular in san francisco right now $4.25, oakland $4.17 and in san jose $4.18 for a gallon of regular. now, the study's authors say this drop or potential drop in prices could be attributed to the drop in crude oil prices. live in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> san jose has not maintained city streets well in recent years because of budget problems but that could change over the next few years. the city council will look at what can be done during its meeting a week from tomorrow. a "mercury news" report says street conditions are okay now but would badly deteriorate by 2020 if maintenance isn't accepted up. fund -- if maintenance isn't stepped up. funding could be considered next year. >>> after tunneling the big dig is done. two new mile-long tunnels in san mateo county are having final safety tests this month. it wil
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stolen car suspect after the driver may have tried to run down an officer after police put spike strips in the street to stop the town car. >> officers laid out spike strips to disable the vehicle. the suspect vehicle drove on the sidewalk and at one point the officer was on the sidewalk that was deployed the strips discharged the firearm fearing for his safety. >> the spike strips were put down. the suspect was arrested after the crash white house incident. others involved in the crash, bystanders, were hurt, but are expected to be okay with nonlife-threatening injuries. live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thank you. developing news, prosecutors say this morning they will pursue premeditated murder against olympic track store oscar pistorius, the double amputee who ran on blades was formally charged with murdering his girlfriend in south africa. oscar pistorius sobbed as the judge read the murder charge. cameras everyone not allowed inside. yesterday morning, his girlfriend, 30-year-old model, reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside his home. early reports were oscar pistorius
formally proposed to the city council. san jose police are reporting a spike in the city's crime rate. new numbers show total crime last year went up 27%. the biggest increases are in property crimes, up more than 27% compared to 2011. also on the rise, homicide which reached a 20 year high. the police say they are working on increasing patrols but experiencing a staffing shortage. >>> the b.a.r.t police identified a suspect in a shooting that left a bistandard dead at the bay field station. he is 18-year-old bennett from oakland. the police say bennett is the prime suspect in the shooting last month that killed 50-year- old kenneth lee seats. the police are looking for bennett's girlfriend, an 18- year-old, pweurbgs e, l, from oakland who was with bennett. >> she also has outstanding no- bail arrest warrants for her arrest. anyone seeing them should call 911 immediately. >> the police say two other suspects in the shootout are in custody on unrelated charges. their names not released. >>> former u.s. representative, jesse jackson, jr. and his wife agreed to plead guilty they misused campa
to 19 for the first time this year. what caused the spike in the so- called "fear index?" some say late-afternoon news that the sequester was far from being averted. "if you look at it from a politician's view, they tend to have a tin ear for the markets and no idea that what they are saying is causing harm." according to others, another factor for the spike in volatility - early results on italy's election revealing europe's 3rd largest economy would be locked in political stalemate, at least for a while. "i think the italian thing was the tipping point. the rest of it was whether there's going to be a sequester or not." analysts anticipated a rise in volatility ever since the vix was at its relatively sleepy, seven-and-a-half-year low last week. but boy, has it come back. so, should long-term investors be worried about our volatile times, or is it just a lot of noise? "this is causing people to hit stop-loss orders. but for the long-term investor, it really raises questions about our politicians and how they don't know how to manage economic functions well." "if there was some indicat
. this is not a bubble. i think stockton is totally wrong on that one. >> when do you expect a spike in interest rates? this could happen as the economy improves? >> not going to happen any time soon. >> which clearly would cause a disruption in equities. >> by the end of the year the treasury -- i think you'll see ten-year 2.25, bouncing between 2 and 2.25 like it used to be bouncing between 1.75 and 2. it will just kind of keep doing th that. >> is it healthy -- is it healthy -- >> the interest rate spike will mean too much on the balance sheet. >> is it healthy that the only driver has been the federal reserve? >> that's it. decrease the quantitative easing. that's when we'll see the real spike. if interest rates go up to 2.25% because people are taking money out of equities and the economy is growing a little bit better, that's fine. it's when we start to see incremental tightening at the fed. >> we need some qe from the private sector. >> tightening from the fed? >> good luck on that. >> not getting it though, jeff. >> well, i know. >> they believe in what they are doing, and it hasn't helped the
more convicteded people in the way of family violence. in 2010 to 2012 a spooim spike in a total caseload of domestic violence. and the trials have gone up 3 hundred and 50 percent. this is why i want to supplemental with 4 components. we need for funding for domestic violence public awareness campaign and we'll have it here on thursday. and we had is staff position focused on domestic violence. but in spite the recent controversy we need to do more to protect your safety net from our mayor to our sheriff and many of our colleagues. so with that colleagues i appreciate your support and i know there was a request that was to cut back staff and i know that supervisor co-herself has a amendment here - but with that i'd like to ask for your support and thank you very much. i want to start by thanking the members of budget and finance committee four their stamina. i've also passed around a proposed all the time for your consideration that would actually redirect one hundred and $18,000 that was removed from the finance committee. i said the reason that positions were reduced i think t
that is spiking. national average up to $3.52 this monday morning. just in the past week the price of gas has bite $0.17. a look at where oil is trading right now, down in price as of this morning but late last week in $98 per barrel, that is one of the reasons why we have gas going up so much. back to nicole, we have blackberry up significantly this one. you want to tell me why? nicole: we have a busy trading floor this morning and we'll bring you over to where blackberry is, 5.1% right now. the first time when using they usnew ticker symbol. new price target of $20 up from $12 so feeling very confident in the new devices, that is something they're talking about and a likely success. some positive comments from bernstein. stuart: like to see you walking around the floor. nicole: i can walk and talk, it is a miracle. stuart: as of now we are off 80, pushing us. let's go back to the economy. president obama and harry reid wants to tax the rich more. more revenue, they say. that means higher taxes. saying his policies will cause the economy to grow. this year. joining us from nashville. art laffer.
at the spike and how it's spread. >> reporter: the price at the pump has risen 29 cents. the average price for regular is $3.92. >> we know there was a wholesale spike of about 50 cents last week, and so the market has to absorb that cost in some way. >> reporter: oil companies say it's a supply issue. some area refineries are shut down for maintenance, while others are switching from the winter blend of gasoline to the more expensive summer blend. it could affect the gass price spike by having gas in the reserves. >> it's been man in a littled by a handful of refiners who know if they make less gas lean they make more money. >> reporter: los angeles is known as a bellwether for gas prices because we're the first city to switch to summer gas. in other words high prices are coming to a pump near you. gas prices dropped significantly in 2012. that followed a record spike last october when stations were charged more than $5 per gallon. this time gas price are expected to pass more than $5 but not reach the record levels of last fauchlt for "cbs this morning," ben tracy,
and was delighted to find a snazzy pair of gaudy wing tips. he seemed undeterred by the fact these were golf spikes and that even after i mentioned to him that he would literally be cutting a rug if he wore those things, he bought them any way and unscrewed the spikes and danced up a storm. the floors needed refinishing any way. chris was one of the first people i knew in the prestarbucks era who bought coffee beans and ground them himself. he bought a coffeemaker and set it up. he insisted this was better than the rot gut than in the kitchen. i had to admit, he was right. it was another example of chris showing me how to live in the moment. i laughed when i read senator mccain's recent remarks recalling when chris insisted on personally brewing the senator a proper cup of cappuccino during their meetings in libya. the next topic of material goods would be his donkey, or lack thereof. i love the picture. it reminded me of a priceless letter he sent to me in law school when he was over there in the peace corps. chris wrote wonderful notes and told me when he went running in the village where he was
the past two years the district attorney's caseload as spiked 88% and related to that the number of trials at the district attorney offense has spiked by 350%. the supplemental that have i proposed is a $750,000 number. it involves four components with a significant focus on domestic violence victims. it includes additional staffing for the district attorney's office with additional prosecutors, victim advocates and providers particularly legal services for domestic violence to assist with restraining orders, child custody and immigration cases. funding for a domestic violence awareness campaign, which is kicking off this month. related to the 1 billion rally we have coming up next week and restoration of a previously eliminated domestic violence policy analyst position, who had been the only city staff position focused on domestic violence. and the one last comment i want to say, obviously in 2012, we had a significant public discourse on domestic violence, but i would state despite the recent controversy everybody agrees we need to do more to increase our safety net, everyone from our m
himself and others as the suspect drove on to a sidewalk to avoid spike strips. it started about 9:00 when police spotted the stolen car near market and 8th street in san francisco. police put down spike strips but the driver veered onto the curb. the chase ended at 5th skpblg mission. the man was in a four car crash sending five people to the hospital. i was a violent crash and he is now under arrest. >> season fran firefighters struggled to control an apartment fire that threatened to jump to a second building. the fir started on the california street side of the eight-unit building in the inner richmond but as we can see, most of the damage concentrated on the opposite end. the flames still burning up against an adjacent building. one resident was able to escape. >> heard someone screaming that the building is on fire. i looked out of the window i saw flames shooting up. i started to grab my cat and just ran out. >> nobody was injured in the blaze. >> national transportation safety board is r.investigators are in alabama todb' look into the cause of the engine fire that crippled the car
in wholesale prices might stop the spike in gas prices at the pump. nationwide, we are paying an average of $.20 a gat on more than we did two weeks ago. a lot different than in the bay area, on average, people are spending an extra $30 a month due to rising prices. >>> the flights from san jose to tokyo will be grounded through may. japan's air ways is working to 787 dreamliner jets that have been plagued by mechanical issues. ana has now had cancel flights. >> a little less conversation and a lot more action. that is what is needed to stop the automatic cuts called for by the sequester. the deadline is this friday. the house and senate are back session, but there's no negotiates scheduled. the president turned up the heat on republicans but it did not seem to resonate. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. enough is enough. now is the time to cut spending, it can be done without jeopardizing the economy and critical services. the president needs to stop campaigning and stop trying to scare the american people. >>
? according to us. it's not the norm. typically prices spike in the spring, but this year that spike is happening way too early. >> what we are seeing this year during the winter month sundays precedented. this is the first time ever that we've seen gas prices this early in the year actually exceed the $3.50 a gallon mark. >> gas trackers say by april, two months away, we could be paying gas over $4 a gallon. >> i hope you can pay ford to get to the ravens -- afford to get to the ravens game. you'll have it pay for success. the newly crowned champs, raves -- baltimore ravens are racing the prices. they sold out every game they played at m&t. >>> it's a business that only those who experience the deepest grief would know about. >> they have experienced not only heartbreak but sticker shock. >> reporter: they called for crime scene cleanup and signed lengthy contracts. after losing someone they loved, many customers had to deal with the threat of losing their homes. tonight at 11, abc2 fumes investigators look into a crime scene cleanup firm. they called after losings two loved -- losi
again overnight. this is indeed a spike. good morning, everyone. $3.53 is the average. this is getting everybody's wallet just as taxes go up on every paycheck. plus, the economy is shrinking, unemployment is rising and the president calls forever higher taxes. a gas spike could not come at a worse time. $2900 per family. this is what happens when bernanke pushes down the value of the dollar. off goes oil and off goes gas. this is the inflation that everyone sees and everyone feels. varney & company about to begin. did yoknow not all fiber is the same? citrucel is different- it's the only fiber for regularityhat won't cause excess gas. it's gentle and clinically proven to help restore and maintain regularity. look for citrucel today. stuart: breaking news from dell, as expected. the company is going private. the stock is up 30% this year. it is a done deal. i have a whole raft of tax stories for you. first item, the feds propose to legalize marijuana and establish new pot tax. that would bring in an estimated $20 billion a year. passage of the law a longshot at best. today congressman
) . >> this is a donkey's jaw. it could be a horse or a donkey. >> donkey's jaw. >> and it's played by spiking it and to make the rattle sound and also creates this. (applause). >> (speaking spanish) sorry. (speaking spanish). >> this is the kahita and it is created as the -- i don't know that word. how do you say that? the piggy bank. you know where the boxes and the churches collect money? yeah. this is the original he here. yeah. >> (speaking spanish) (laughing) (speaking spanish). >> this instrument is called c carete and with the right hand and the left hand and open and shuts in a rhythmic time. >> (speaking spanish). >> so this instrument is called sen sero but it's actually a cow bell. >> (moo). >> it was made out of material. >> (speaking spanish). >> but for the african and any instrument that
night with spike strips put out and the driver went on the card to avoid them and the officer on the car feared for his safety and shot at the suspect but missed him. in san jose there was an apatient murder-suicide. a man shot a woman he was involved to before taking his own life after 4:00 p.m., a house mate heard the shots found the bodies and called police. several people would live at home are now being questioned. the char body found in the burned cabin in the mountains has been identified positively at fugitive ex-cop christopher dorner the suspect in four murders and was cornered in a mountain cabin after a week on the run much the stand off whenned when the cabin went up in flames. a man charged with the murder of vallejo police officer is due in court today to re-enter the pleas. he shot the man during a chase following a bank robbery. the officer was a 19-year veteran. smith has pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges. >> people who turn their guns in at marin county during a gun buy back slow a month ago and received vouchers can turn them in for cash at the marin civic
here after the driver may have tried to run down an officer after police put spike strips to the street to try and stop the town car. >> the officers in front of the station laid out spike strips to disable the vehicle and the suspect vehicle drove on to the sidewalk and at one point where an officer is on the sidewalk deploying the spike strips did the charged the firearm fearing for his safety and other pedestrians. the officer was not hurt but the spike strips were put down. the suspect was not hit by the officer's gunfire but arrested after the crash without incident. others, bystanders, were injured but everyone amazingly expected to be okay. >> developing news the prosecutors will pursue a premeditated murder charge against track star oscar pistorius, the double amputee who ran on blades in the olympics was charged with murdering his girlfriend in south africa. he sobbed as the judge read the murder charge in court. his girlfriend, 30-year-old reeva steenkamp, was shot and killed inside the olympic and paralympic star's home. early reports suggest that he mistook her for a burglar
. with new technologies behind a huge spike in traffic tickets .n rockville it is making roads safer. drivers feel it is over the top. red light tickets are on the rise in rockville. brian stephenson says he has been nabbed twice in the last week. , nearly 18,000 tickets thanissued, twice as many the year before. the price tag for each ticket $75. >> they should enforce the rules and another way. >> police say new technology is increased.for the august, they were capture new violations. drivers can be taken before intersection on a .teady red light have to pay of forgoing ore than 13 miles per hour making a right-hand turn on red. .olice have had complaints they say they are just enforcing the law. police say all violations are -- reviewed before any tickets are sent out. reinventing -- the white house would get how to control gun olence as is president joe needs with officials, one president obama gives .is state of the union address he will push for stricter gun .roll measures developments on the manhunt in california. there is a one million-dollar reward for information that leads to the a
another -3& this b.p. staatonnon st.. aul street... - are among the highest in town. but governor o'malley...says & the staae...stillneedssaa exxra 8000million dollarssa -3 prrperly fund (ferruson) "we have to ffnd -3 waas that are reliaale funding people in our region."ss this week...a senate committee will & consiiera bill...whiih wouud increaseethe state's gasoline pax. (milllr) "everyone would &ppay a gasstax, everybody would ppy a odest gas tax, a hree percent sales tax tacked on t phe whhlesale level."that would exxra 15-centt...every time...yoo gas up. but that would nly extra 300-million a senate presidenttmike miller iller... wants to give - local governments like baltimoreecity anndssrrounding - countiess..the authority to incrrese their gas tax even transit. (mayor) "baltimooe ccty has takennhit of over $1000million verrthe past few years, we've lost in higgway & user reveeuee we need that 3 investments, for our roads, our bridgee."but with ggs pricee saring...som
year. it's the biggest spike in three decades and it makes the recent spike all the more worrying. the pearsons know what they're not looking for in the family car. >> i don't want an suv, it's too much price -- it's too pricey on gas. >> reporter: they're giving up more space for more miles to the gallon. it's their number one priority. >> close to $4 already, i think by the end of the month, it will be $4. >> reporter: prices often spike in the spring as refineries switch over to a summer blend of gasoline, but this year they're rising well ahead of schedule. in california, where some gas stations are already charging $5 a gallon -- >> i'm at $64, it usually takes me, like, 50 bucks to fill up. >> reporter: drivers are starting to make sacrifices. >> dinners out. movie night. things like that. >> reporter: the big fear is that rising gas prices threaten a fragile economic recovery. >> if we hit $4 a gallon on regular unleaded across the country, that would do a lot of damage. nothing hurts more, more quickly, than rising gasoline prices. >> reporter: the price tracker at gasbudd
person sees a u.s. connection. >>> we will tell you what is fueling the spike in gas prices. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us february 18th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic, i would like yesterday's weather to stay for a while. >> yes. >> we need rain. >> we do need rain . we will get some tomorrow but not a lot. >> today is that day in between where the low clouds are already pushing inland and temperatures will be on the cool side, here is sal. >>> we will have pretty good traffic today for most commutes and this is a look at 880 southbound, 6:00 let's go back to dave and pam. >>> 6:01 we are starting with developing news, a deadly chase in san jose. one person was killed after crashing a stolen car while trying to flee from police. alex savage is at the crash scene and you have new video of that crash scene, alex? >> yes, they have taken away that suv, it was a stolen suv, the 20-year-old driver was killed in this crash and he was on the run from san jose police late last night with two teenage passengers in
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overnight and that's a spike. 3.76 now and 34 straight days that the price has gone straight up. just in the the past month, gas has spiked 46 cents a gallon. and remember, economist david cosar told us for every penny gas goes up, it's like hitting us with a 1.2 billion dollars tax, if that's the case, so far this year, we're on track to take what, 60, 70 billion dollars out of the economy. question, why is this happening? former shell oil president john hofmeister, 10:45 this morning. listen to this, not only has colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, he wants to use pot as a tourist draw, a tourist attraction, if you're over 21, feel free to smoke up. forget amsterdam, hop a flight to denver and light up a joint. we'll have more on this at the top of the hour, including how this could be a boom for lawyers. and i bet a lot of people will try to bring pot home from colorado not allowed and a defense attorney for you, all right. let's get back home, shall we? and so far, a tranquil america, we are 128 points away from the all time high this is, and up next, we will ask a t
, they do not believe the cases are linked. >> absolutely, it's unusual to have a spike in crime like this. >> reporter: police spoke with 100 people to help them feel safer, saying police will have extra patrols. >> we have every available resource into working these cases with our detectives, as well as having proactive patrols out on the streets. >> reporter: back here on campus, anyone here can call public safety and ask for a preescort between 8:00 p.m., and 2:45 a.m. live at uc santa cruz, maureen naylor. >>> the investigation into the death of a worker has found fault with his employer for unsafe working conditions. richard din was working with a rare form of meningitis. osha faulted the va center for not providing vaccines. the va center says since then, it has taken several actions to remedy the problems. >>> only on 2, our exclusive ktvu field poll shows governor jerry brown is enjoying his highest approval rating since being elected two years ago. 31% say they do not approve of his performance. the same poll found 48% of voters think the state is headed in the right direction. t
's unusual to have a spike in crime like this. >> reporter: police spoke with 100 people to help them feel safer, saying police will have extra patrols. >> we have every available resource into working these cases with our detectives, as well as having proactive patrols out on the streets. >> reporter: back here on campus, anyone here can call public safety and ask for a preescort between 8:00 p.m., and 2:45 a.m. live at uc santa cruz, maureen naylor. >>> the investigation into the death of a worker has found fault with his employer for unsafe working conditions. richard din was working with a rare form of meningitis. osha faulted the va center for not providing vaccines. the va center says since then, it has taken several actions to remedy the problems. >>> only on 2, our exclusive ktvu field poll shows governor jerry brown is enjoying his highest approval rating since being elected two years ago. 31% say they do not approve of his performance. the same poll found 48% of voters think the state is headed in the right direction. that's the highest percentage in five years. however, 42% of c
for the overall population to stay stable. the numb of children per woman started falling in the 1800s, it spiked up after world war ii, the so-called baby boom, but it's been going down since then. america's population is getting older. washington's priorities are changing to match america's demographics. more money spent on health care and reduced focus on investing for the future. let's continue our conversation. jonathan last the author of "what to expect when no one's expecting." a hell of a book title and ron is a cnn analyst. you know i like kids, you like kids, together around this table i think we do have population replacement. why aren't most people having more kids? >> this is the big question, it's global now, there's a global phenomenon. 97% of the world's population lives in a knt where the population is falling. there's ideal fertility, a measure that demographicers would use has been constant at 2.5 and the fact that our achieved fertility and ideal fertility is we've got cultural and economic roadblocks that pop up. >> college is a great example. college costs have increased by
, the agencies, the police, the county, the district attorney's office. >> san jose has seen a spike in crime. they hope community members take action by coming to an event like this 1 and trying to reverse the trend. >> twitter is asking people to change their passwords. hackers may have gained access to information on about 250,000 users. >> the company is also asking users to change their passwords just in case. >> a live look over san francisco tonight. remember that song the answer is blowing in the wind? who is going win the super bowl? >> there's no question. it's the niners. >> and a change in the forecast. >> it seems like bay area sports teams are on a winning streak. more coming up in a live report. >> first we have the giants winning the world series and don't forget the sharks undefeated so far. a look at tonight's game going for number 8. >> hello. the bay area is on a roll here. already people are lining up even though the game doesn't start until 7:30. >> now the sharks are on their best run in franchise history winning the first 7 games of the season. this is video from earli
a spike of domestic violence in the last few years. we have to make sure that your conviction rate stays high and they're not where they need to be. i think the district attorney's office needs to be where it was and the budget committee obviously made adjustments. i know we're going to have a discussion about what supervisor cohen supported and i'm also supporting. the line share of the money went to the district attorney's office and went to make sure we're hiring another staff person only 23 percent of the total $753,000 is being divide among the organizations. and the fed back i've received from the domestic violence community is that money is not enough. i thought it was okay to hold the line but i do think reallocating the $750,000 should be reallocated. i want to thank everyone who is working very hard particularly to the men and women of the domestic violence groups. thank you for continuing to insure that san francisco remains a city on the forefront and hopefully, we'll be one of the cities that doesn't have violence of this kind >> thank you mr. president, chu. i want to ackn
. they put down some spike strips trying to stop the stolen car. the car drove on the sidewalk to avoid the spike strips and a police officer started shooting at the car. it continued on to fifth and mission, hit a taxicab and then that's two vehicles hit two other cars. so a total of five people were hurt. the suspect and four other people. luckily, everybody is going to survive, nonlife-threatening injuries. they were able to take the driver of that allegedly stolen car into custody and the police officer who did the shooting is now on paid administrative leave as this investigation continues. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >>> this morning a search continues in san leandro for a man who police say assaulted an officer and escaped, solomon espinoza of union city last seen running along the bank of the san lorenzo creek in the area of lewelling boulevard. police attempted to make a routine traffic stop. espinoza allegedly got out of his car and took off. an officer caught up to him and tried to make an arrest. a struggle then ensued.
tough time and it's so unfair. >> howie is veer a spike in rates be? i mean, it's extraordinary to me that this market has not focused on this at all, even in the fiasco at the end of 2012, stocks going higher, going higher. you have to believe that's partly because of the fed. >> it could be a long, long time before it happens. maybe that's why they haven't focused on it and just consider this, and i've heard you talk about 16 trillion. seems to be your favorite number. >> one of mine. >> 16.4 trillion. how about we're spending more than 1 trillion than we take in every year, another one of my favorites. >> when we were at 10 trillion, now at 16 drill yofnl contract cost on 16 trillion is 20% less than it was on the 10 trillion. come on. do you think that's sustainable? so, if you normalize interest rates, i'm not talking about a spike. normalize where they were before qe and take them to 5.5% costs of the federal debt, that's 500 billion a year in interest expenses goes out door. we're having a heart attack over an $85 billion skywester when we can lose 500 billion if you normalize.
pipeline project as gas prices continue to spike higher. this story is getting hotter. you're looking for that interjew view. >> it's a great story. >> the keystone story is real job creation potential. we'll get into it with the ambassador. let's see where we stand. the dow jones industrial average up 97.5 points, as you can see there, just shy of the high of the afternoon. bill just told us it was up 115 earlier. nasdaq composite showing gains today. check it out. we've got a double digit move here as well, shy of the high with a gain of 22 points on naz daxx damage, and the s&p higher by ten points, bill. >> two things to watch. will we finish higher for the week in the dow? we need that 101-point gain for that, and will we finish above 14,000? all things to watch for in today's "closing bell" exchange. let's speak to our guests. michael, what do we make of this week, two different mood swings this week, what's going on? who is right? >> yeah. no. i think this is consistent with how corrections start. behaviorally everything that leads in a question is starting to outperform, divid
. and prices spiked 54 cents over nine weeks. the study's authors say the causes for the hikes in prices are now out of the picture. crude oil prices are starting to drop and the speed of the price spike is starting to slow down. this morning, locally you're paying according to aaa prices for a gallon of regular in san francisco are $4.25, oakland $4.17 for a gallon of regular, and in san jose, $4.18. those aren't the highest prices in the bay area. i checked on sausalito gas is $4.89. but i got some good news for you. so check out the lowest prices in your area, all you have to do is go to our website, in emeryville, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >>> city leaders are mulling over plans to prevent the streets of san jose from deteriorating beyond repair. street maintenance has slipped in recent years because of budget problems but the city council will start looking into what can be done now. during its meeting a week from tomorrow. a "mercury news" report says street conditions are okay now but would worsen if maintenance is no
's been spiking lately, markets that are swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other. you know, there's a lot for the individual investor to take in. and i'd like to give them a little more credit than sometimes we do. what do you see in this market at this point? and what do you pretend for the rest of the week given the fact we have the fed weighing in on things? >> it's an interesting trading day down here. vix popped. they reversed hard. guys were getting complacent earlier saying they're going to continue through friday. it was just admirational friday. they're not saying that now. this took off to the downside and took off hard. the question is is it a correction? you've got to be patient in buying. the answer is yes. but there's a caveat there. it's not just japan. they were talking about italy earlier. but china is also restating worries that they've overstayed it over there and they're cooling down. you throw in sequestration, there's a lot of reasons for guys to step back here and lighten the load a bit. >> gordon, peter costa just said he's licking his chops as this
a huge spike in people arese concerned that congress will approve more gun control laws. @huge water main break in laurel tonight. it broke earlier this evening. a spokesperson said a contractor apparently hit a pipe. customers in the area might experience low water pressure. it is not clear how long the repairs will take. >> faculty and students at georgetown university are being to lock their doors after a couple of burglaries. someone broke into an unlocked and stole a laptop and from a faculty member. monday, someone walked into and stoled dorm room several items. we are days away from the --ming also, more trouble for chris brown. also, more trouble for chrislook, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's iit going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to
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the spike in teen murders. six haskell students have been killed this year, two in the last week alone. -- high school students have been killed this year, two in the last week alone. >> i was looking for resolution. >> on monday, police said out the rest of travon bennett was charged in the shooting death of marckel ross. he was killed as he walked to school back in september. >> today is world spay day. the washington animal rescue league is one of many groups celebrating the day. when it comes to your dog, do you really understand how it makes decisions? i know you do not. a new test claims to reveal the answer. and looks at your dogs and cognitive ability and personality. >> we decided to put our own pets to the test, including my dog. katie nelson the results. >> even before we gave his chocolate lab and his to what the test, the trash talking began. >> shamrock is so much smarter than olive. >> my dog sits at my back -- at my desk. >> this test is not about how smart the dogs are. it is how they use -- how they make decisions. >> that is the purpose of the test to show the weakne
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